The devil is in the detail yet today’s workplace is littered with sloppy language and plagued by lazy grammar. Any professional worth his salt has a corporate writer and editor on speed dial. High quality writing is a non-negotiable for any organisation or professional wanting to improve public perception. Throw into the mix the need to pitch the language at the right level for the audience and appropriate business language becomes more complex than you’d think.

Collaborating with a language professional even on the smallest projects is one of the best investments you can make for your bottom line. Because at Adlam Ink we believe that if you’re sloppy in what you say, it probably means you’re sloppy in what you do.

Writing services
  • Media releases and feature articles
  • Website copy
  • Brochure and advertising copy
  • Newsletter copy
  • Corporate funding applications and tender documents (if you’re asking for buckets of money, at least do so using fantastic language).
Language and editing services

Full spectrum language edits or proofreading for novels, theses, educational books, corporate documents, website copy etc.


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