At Adlam Ink we tell your organisation’s story in a voice that is credible and relevant to your audience. By starting intelligent conversations, we position you in the media and amongst stakeholders as a thought leader, constantly aware of the issues impacting your business and keeping you informed.

It all starts with a thorough communications audit and messaging workshop where we have a good poke around to understand the history of your organisation, where you are at and where you want to be, including what’s standing between you and global domination. ​Once we have identified your requirements (and how much you can pay us), your communications strategy is written accordingly.​​

Every move is tactical. Whether it’s a press release, news conference, media roadshow, lunch with a journalist, taking a shot at a business award or just a humble branded pen, it is done strategically to further your overall public relations / communications plan.​

​Strategy tactics and deliverables can include:​
  • Media writing and relations: by leveraging media, we get your message out and your business profiled through press releases, feature articles and thought leadership pieces. Our deep understanding of what makes journalists tick (and their hatred of unscrupulous PRs who submit advertising dressed up as editorial) means we know what they’ll print. And that’s what we write. No sales talk, just interesting angles that make you interesting.
  • Media tracking: if you’re in the news, we’ll tell you. Same goes for your competitors and any industry issues of interest.
  • Crisis Communications (we call it CPR): most organisations at some stage will face a crisis with the potential to tarnish their image. And wherever there is a reputation being tarnished, there is media. Adlam Ink will prepare you for the worst and get you through the crisis, even turn it into a positive.
  • Industry networking and speaking opportunities: if there is an industry event you need to be seen or heard at, or any cool networking opportunities, we will get you there.
  • Newsletters and other stakeholder communications: Adlam Ink will write, design and oversee electronic delivery of mailshots and newsletters​ to your database with statistical reporting after each mailshot. ​We will also tell you if your tactics or database is on the wrong side of the CPA or POPI. For those on a tighter budget, Adlam Ink offers a newsletter only retainer i.e. you don’t need to come onboard with an entire strategy per se.
  • Social media: love it or hate it, you should be on it. Adlam Ink will oversee content on your social media profiles and execute social media advertising campaigns. Because Facebook is now so much more than just a way to see how badly your old class mates have aged.

The above list is a just a snippet of tactics that can make up your overall PR and communications strategy. Adlam Ink clients generally build their own retainer, picking tactics from the PR menu as well as blending our writing and language services, branding and graphic design. A lot of what we do also crosses over into the marketing realm. At the end of the day, it’s about brand image and public perception.

Drop us a line and let’s talk.

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