Claire was introduced to our company with great credentials and has proven herself and her company’s capability many many times. It has been a great pleasure to work with her and have her working with myself, our internal staff and external distributors.

PowerPlastics Pool Covers is a small business which required an entrenchment of our branding, an enormous amount of marketing collateral written up in terms of user guides, websites, media briefings, training manuals, newsletters and media campaigns, to name but a few pieces of new marketing material Claire wrote and created for us. Our audiences are varied and Claire managed to capture those interested in safety, the new evolving eco conscious audience as well as just homeowners with pools. Claire and her company have shown enormous creative flair and application in driving the development of new marketing material.

She has been instrumental in our digital media campaigns, in our social media initiatives, and in setting up and following through with the right networks. She is capable of setting up marketing strategies, holding us and herself responsible to the deliverables within these strategies, she is extremely well organised, she delivers on time with very little rework, she is intuitive and requires very little in terms of a briefing.

I would say that Claire is on the leading edge of her industry and it is a pleasure to have worked with her over the years in achieving so much for PowerPlastics Pool Covers. She has certainly assisted us to grow our business. She has been a wonderful asset to our company and I would highly recommend her services and her company to those who wish to engage.

Caryn Formby, Director