A website is often the first interaction that your client or customer will have with you. You wouldn’t go to a first meeting or business pitch in scruffy clothes and flip flops, so why should your website?

And website development is not just about a good looking or sexy website. Searching Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical if you’re to make it into the top five however it is specialised writing. Too many keywords and you’ll get dropped a few places for keyword stuffing. You can also spot over-SEO’d copy a mile off as it begins to read like a foreign language. Another mistake is leaving the copy writing to the developer rather than letting them stick to what they do best – code and styling.

With so many devices on which to view websites these days, we do insist on ‘responsive’ themes, ensuring the site works no matter the size of the browser window. Our preferred platform is WordPress as it gives you, the brand owner, so much more control and freedom in terms of handling your own updates. That said, we can accommodate other platforms.

So, whether it’s just refreshing the website (digital Botox in Adlam-speak), writing new copy, or a completely new website and the whole shebang, Adlam Ink will ensure your website provides an instant and compelling reason for people to do business with you.

The proof is in the pudding …

Feedback from Cape Winelands Riding after writing copy for a new website:

Adlam Ink was commissioned to do our website copy writing and I must say we have never been happier. Since we changed our text and had it written by somebody that knows what they are doing, we have had an overwhelming improvement in our website hit rate. We have paid for their website writing service within the first two months in business generated from website contacts.